International Day of Peace at the United Nations New York

Ms. Ban Ki Moon and Founder of
the Gandhi Tour Tobias Huber
Melissa Linden, Wolfgang Hildebrandt,
Wayne Warwick, Michael Johnson,
Tobias Huber, Aaron Athey
Tobias Huber and Ambassador
Anwarul Chowdhury
The Gandhi Tour provided the Indiginous Artists for the International Day of Peace 2008

The United Nations International Day of Peace first time ever to reach a Billion people, Secretary-General Ban will ring the Japanese Peace Bell at UN Headquarters along with Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall and Midori Goto

(New York, New York): On Sept 19th, The annual International Day of Peace Youth Observance will commence with Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon ringing the Japanese Peace Bell at 9:30 am at the United Nation's headquarters. The theme of this year's Peace Day is Peace and Human Rights and is co- produced by the NGOs Pathways to Peace, United Religions & World Peace Prayer Society in association with The Untitled Nations Department of Public Information.
This year's event for the younger generation is set to be inspiring, energetic and educational while traversing cultural barriers with messages of peace. The program is filled with groundbreaking performances, such as the opening ceremony performed by members of two of the oldest living cultures, the North American Mohegan Indians and the Australian Aboriginal, to welcome the Youth Observance event. This will be performed by Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo player, Wayne Warwick-Williams, traditional Aboriginal dancer Warren Hopkins and traditional singer, Aaron Athey representing the Mohegan Native American Tribe. The keynote welcome address will be given by Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, quoted on the 29 of August saying “On 21 September, the International Day of Peace, I call on world leaders and peoples around the world to join forces against conflict, poverty and hunger, and for all human rights for all. Together, let us send a powerful signal for peace that will be read, heard and felt around the world.” Additional keynote speakers will be His Excellency Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, President of the 63rd session of the General Assembly, Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall and Midori Goto.

Arnun Gandhi comment, “We still have a long way to go to combat violence in our societies and every effort by every individual goes a long way towards planting the seeds of nonviolence and peace. I would like to congratulate the organizers of this event for their dedication and commitment to peace."

International Day of Peace
The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations as an annual observance of global non-violence and ceasefire. Every year, people in all parts of the world honor peace in various ways. Sept 21, 2008, the global community is on the verge of the world's largest collective expression of peace in history. UN NGO Pathways To Peace is on the forefront helping to make the clarion call for humanity to unite on this year's International Day of Peace. “Inspiriting millions of people in every nation to discover their own pathway to peace.” The United Nations International Day of Peace is observed worldwide on Sept. 21st. Now in its 27th year, the observance of International Day of Peace has grown exponentially over the years, and there are thousands of opportunities for people and organizations everywhere to participate in this event.

Michael Johnson, UN Rep for Pathways To Peace comments, “Pathways to Peace is honored to support the International Day of Peace Youth Observance. For many years, we have been developing The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) as a co-operative Peace building Initiative whose long-term purpose is to unite the strengths of existing organizations and peoples in building a Culture of Peace for succeeding generations.”

The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI)
PI, originated in 1983 by Pathways to Peace, has served as a vehicle for bringing to light the previously unseen and unheard Peace builders working towards peace along diverse pathways. An annual highlight of this Initiative is the International Day of Peace, (Peace Day) celebrated worldwide on 21st September by over 3,000 local/global organizations in over 200 nations. CPI continues to serve as a community of forerunners in the emerging field of peacebuilding.
The momentum generated by the International Day of Peace observed by millions around the world will help to launch a yearlong series of international peace concerts. Pathways To Peace is forging an alliance with international organizations including Global Harmony Concerts, the Gandhi Tour and the Culture of Peace Initiative that will collaborate in producing the concerts. The first concert planned in 2009 will help to amplify Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings that will inspire and fund peace projects."Our youth as well as world leaders need to be reminded about Gandhi's profound message of peace and these concerts will touch the heart of millions." Michael Johnson

Pathways To Peace
For over 25 years Pathways to Peace has contributed to building a culture of peace worldwide. We do this through consulting, public speaking, film making, producing events, mentoring youth in leadership, developing educational programs and actively supporting the mission of the United Nations. In cooperation with the United Nations, we helped to initiate the International Day of Peace in 1981 and continue to support its global expansion. This day has inspired millions of people in every nation to discover their own pathway to peace. We weave a web that connects individuals and organizations from the local to the global to serve humanity and are prepared to broaden our contribution in the world.

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday

Int. Day of Non-Violence Okt 2th 2008

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